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Our legendary Soaker Series Auto Towels offer the best performance of any cotton hand towel on the market.  Whether you're in the detail bay or displaying at the Concours, this towel will always deliver the absorbency and performance you demand.  Our patented Microterry® design reinforces taller piling via denser loops to eliminate the common drying complaints associated with premium auto care.  We understand the detailing business is in a constant state of evolution.  Our goal is to stay one step ahead by asking the customers and car care professionals what's working and what isn't.  Our promise of providing the perfect...

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Absorbent, Car Wash, Cotton Auto Towels, Cotton Rags, Detailing, Luxury -

Nothing quite matches the comfort and durability or cotton.  It breathes and absorbs like nothing else.  BeautifulRags.com sources the highest quality cotton fiber for our Microterry® weaving process and leaves you with the ultimate towel for premium car wash and detail.       

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